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I am planning on doing a full Ironman (dream still is Kona World Championships). How much time did you give to each discipline each week. How much did you swim, bike, run and more importantly for me lift weights. I have read lots of books, I can't afford a coach so I am just picking brains of people that I have know that have done one.

Can you recommend a power meter? Which one and why?

Starting backwards, my last 2 Ironmans were 24 hours apart. I hadn't biked at all in 4 years and hadn't swam in over 3 years. I did them based on ultrarunning shape only. Around 15 hours on courses that were fairly hard. I tell you this because the ironman is a mental game. In the end, its not going to be so much, how much you trained physically, but how much you trained mentally. i.e. Your belief system. The biggest thing you need to do is know your pace so you don't burn out. The swimming, you can glide, if your stroke is good. The biking you can go as fast or as slow as you want and the run, you can walk if you need to.

When I did the Ironman in Hawaii, I did most of my bike training on a spin bike in the gym. There was no traffic, no rest, just pools of sweat after doing 100+ miles per session without stopping. It also allowed me to do bricks (multi-discipline-sessions). I could get right on the treadmill or right in the pool. Bricks are the best way to train for Ironman. Run-Bike-Swim, Swim-Run, Swim-Bike, Bike-Run, Run-Bike, etc.

Remove all alcohol and all caffeine from your diet completely. Except, use GU/Caffeine strategically when you are training long distances or bigger bricks. Your mind will begin to associate the caffeine and endorphin-high with the training and you will begin to crave the training because your mind wants the high.

Always, do protein shakes with bananas (or similiar) directly after your training session (within 30 minutes). You will recover WAY faster and wont burn out later in the day.

Also, always have an exact day by day plan right up until the Ironman. Dont make your training days up as you go. Have your training calendar up on all of your walls in your home and office. Allow your mind to prepare for exact mileages every single day.

Here is the training plan I used for the Hawaii World Championship Ironman:
Ironman Training Plan

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