Wednesday, April 19, 2017

From Thomas - Getting into shape by any means necessary

Mr. Unger, just saw your YouTube video and wanted to let you know that your story is truly inspiring. I watched the video with food hidden behind a pillow to avoid my wife's detection. You stated, in your video, a lot of what I'm feeling right now. You, Sir, are an inspiration and I hope to gain insight on how to change my mindset and achieve the goal of losing weight and getting in shape by any means or advice you can offer. Thank you. Sincerely, Thomas


Thanks very much – appreciated.

Checkout my blog posts where I'm directly interacting with people. I touch on answering that.

The short of it is this: Get on a program and have a very specific goal. Any program will do. Just get your momentum going.

Success starts and ends in the mind. And what works for you will be and is very personal to you. It wont make sense to anyone else. No one else can make you feel what you need to feel in order to get you to act. You're your own worst enemy and you're your very best friend.

I will offer this to you; When your purpose is greater than your pain, you'll always succeed at your purpose.

You have to find a reason WHY and that reason has to resonate with you at the very deepest of levels in order to drive you to act.

Just “wanting” something is never enough. You have to be on a mission. You have to obsess and stay focused every single day. You have to be able to sacrifice who you are now for what you'll become.

  • Define who you want to be and what you want to look like. (Be very detailed)
  • Define when you want to be this way. A date in time.
  • Research all you can online and try everything that makes sense to you.
  • Get on an eating program.
  • Get on an exercise program.
  • And whatever you do, be as consistent as possible.

Know you'll fail over and over again. You'll have bad days, everyone does. Learn how to get back up, re-stabilize yourself and keep going. Learn how to push through your pain and use it. Just because you failed, it doesn't make you a failure - far from it. It means that you are one step closer to success. It is a learning process, an evolution of the mind.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.

Disclaimer: I always change the personal information and redact certain identifying information for anyone who messages me. I post these conversations to help others who have similar problems and who may benefit from the discussion. If nothing else, people in similar situations will know that they are not alone. My responses are my opinion only. I am giving my opinion because I was asked to.

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  1. Oh man. I've been where Thomas was. Hiding your eating from a loved one, that is. One of the worst feelings of shame in the world, that is.

    Sarah | Mass Gain Source