Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Run To Remember

Today I saw things I have never seen before.

2014 saw marathons being run every weekend sometimes twice in a weekend, sometimes twice in a day.

2015 started with a 123+ mile run for New Years.

A marathon and 4 ultramarathons on almost consecutive weekends followed.

The last ultra, Sycamore Canyon 100 km destroyed my ankles which were already compromised from the other races. These injuries kept me from running longer distances ever since, almost 9 weeks ago now.

Even after 4 months of rest, the latest MRI of my shoulder unveiled multiple tears from a fall skiing in Anchorage, Alaska over Christmas.

Today, I was going to go out and do a 4 mile run. It was cloudy and overcast. A storm was coming. There was no need to bring water or food on such a short run. Something told me to bring money, just in case, which is odd since it is something I never do on such a short run.

As I began running along the canal, a single voice whispered in my head... "Run"....

I looked off into the distance and saw Thompson Peak on top of the Mc Dowell Mountains and remembered that I had always wanted to run there from downtown Scottsdale.

A voice whispered again... "Run"....

Before I knew it, the 2 mile turn-around point had far been passed. I went off into a meditative state, allowing my mind and my body to decompress from a long work week and the news of the MRI results, which frustrated me to no end.

A 4 mile run, turned into 3 cities, 2 nations (Salt River Indian Nation Land), 3 mountain preserves and neighborhoods and areas I had never ever seen before. I ran across Indian lands with no trails. I ran next to wild horses, almost 14 of them, that looked nothing short of spectacular creatures. I ran trails I never knew existed. I waved at people and said hello to people that I had never seen before. I looked out over 50 miles from the top of a mountain at glorious stormy skies, across the entire Phoenix valley. I felt the cool rain on my body as I descended down off the mountain as if I was being blessed for having come so far, against expectation.

Today I saw things I have never seen before. Today, at the age of 41, I felt things I have never felt before. Spectacular and glorious things. Feelings I could not even describe. Overwhelming feelings of gratitude, just for being alive.

Maybe pain and frustration are part of the design but so are gratitude, joy, love and purpose. 

Life is so much more beautiful as an ultrarunner. 

3 cities, 2 nations, 3 mountain preserves and 27.5 mile run... Complete...

What is it that will make life worth it, for you?

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